The Overcast – Episode 50

A milestone episode! Fifty episodes and a year in, JF and Amy reminisce on how far they’ve come since episode zero. They continue their review of the characters, focusing this time on how defense characters work.

The Overcast – Episode 49

On this extra long episode, Amy and JF begin addressing a listener request; they are giving feedback on all the characters now that they’ve had a chance to play them. They start by tackling tanks and support characters, get really fired up about the importance of respawn time for snacking purposes, and, for once, JF has nothing to say.

The Overcast – Episode 48

The beta’s back! Amy and JF flip out about all the new changes to the game, including the new game mode, maps, and all the progression goodies. This is a down and dirty overview as our intrepid hosts are too excited to get too in depth with any one particular aspect.

The Overcast – Episode 47

With the beta return looming, Amy and JF speculate on what Blizzard could possibly be plotting for the new maps that will be released. They also explore the growing mainstream media attention that Overwatch is gaining and talk what this means for the future of the Overwatch franchise.