The Overcast – Episode 62

It’s the final episode before the launch, and Blizzard throws a ton of stuff our way. They discuss the animated short ‘Dragons’, the comic ‘Mission Statement’, and speculate on the teasers and hints that Blizzard is dropping about launch events.

The Overcast – Episode 60

In this week’s episode, our hosts celebrate the beginning of the open beta, JF talks all about his secret project, Amy revels in the Junkrat and Roadhog comic, and the pair analyze the Game Spot ‘Making of Overwatch’ series.

The Overcast – Episode 59

It’s the PAXisode! Amy covers the crazy stuff at PAX East, Blizzard drops another comic short on us, JF has a brilliant idea for the future of Blizzard eSports, and they discuss the little tweaks they’re hoping to see for launch.