The Overcast – Episode 71

This week, Ana (and the other updates) have gone live on the servers. Ana continues to not be Sombra, to the dismay of the internet, and JF and Amy throw around some wild theories as to Sombra’s true identity.

The Overcast – Episode 70

Welcome to Ana-Cast, the all Ana, all the time show! Blizzard announces their first new character since launch. New pieces of the Overwatch backstory are filled in, and JF and Amy speculate what all this means for the game at large.

The Overcast – Episode 69

In this tantalizing episode, Amy and JF talk about playing seriously with friends (in a listener¬†organized tournament), share stories about their first times (in competitive play), Blizzard teases us again (with a hint about the next new hero) and Zarya’s status as a gay icon.