One thought on “The Overcast – Episode 92”

  1. So, I was listening to your discussion and speculation on Doomfist, whether Doomfist would be a playable character or not and what role this character would play in the lore. I was thinking about this when my brain got on a particular train of thought.

    Besides the initial Overwatch trailer and the bits and pieces of clues we see in Numbani, there’s not a lot that we know about Doomfist. In the trailer, we know that Talon is trying to snatch the Doomfist gauntlet for themselves while Tracer and Winston are trying to fight them off when we see the older brother is able to wield the gauntlet and use it. In Numbani we see the posters for the two previous Doomfists, the Savior and the Scourge, with the third poster, the Successor, being blacked out and remaining a mystery as to his or her identity.

    Now, many people would say that perhaps the older brother will become Doomfist or there will be an all new character we haven’t seen before called Doomfist, but I’m going to throw out another possibility that may just be a crazy theory.

    I think that maybe, just maybe, there will not be an actual Doomfist CHARACTER at all.

    When the older brother picks up the gauntlet and uses it, that leads me to believe that ANYONE can use the gauntlet. The blacked out poster, I believe, isn’t concealing the identity of some secret new character in particular. What I think Doomfist will end up being, and what Blizzard was giving us hints about, is perhaps a new game mode. I think that ultimately, YOU, whichever hero you are playing, will become Doomfist.

    This could be a game mode where teams battle for control of the Doomfist gauntlet and whoever is wielding this gauntlet is given new unique abilities. Teams would then, once someone has wielded the gauntlet, have to protect this Doomfist in order to keep control of and finish the match, whatever else it may involve.

    It seems logically consistent with what we know so far within the lore, but who knows, I could be dead wrong.

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