The Overcast – Episode 43

It’s been a long while since we all had a good rant. This week, JF delivers. He and Amy discuss three articles that were in the media this week, one of which sets JF off. Also, enjoy the worst outro in history.

The Overcast – Episode 42

It’s the long awaited map episode! In this week’s giant sized episode, JF tries out his radio voice, another article appears on, and Amy and JF explore the ups and downs of all eight maps.


The Overcast – Episode 41

JF and Amy discuss the missing aspect of Overwatch that neither of them were missing: Progression. In another Developer Update from Blizzard, Jeff Kaplan talks about what has been tried and failed thus far and the Overcast team discusses their thoughts on what will be implemented in the future. They also make a bit of a wish list for cosmetic options for the game.

Bonus drinking game: Every time Amy says the word “iteration”, take a drink.

The Overcast – Episode 40

Amy and JF cope with the beginnings of their Overwatch withdrawal by diving into an article focused on how the story of Overwatch is being built. They also formulate some pretty sweet game modes (You’re welcome, Blizzard.)

The Overcast – Episode 39

Pay no attention to the fact that JF recorded the entire episode on his room mic…. Amy and JF face the cold facts of the beta going on hiatus and do some mining in the depths of the beta feedback forums.

The Overcast – Episode 35

This is not the BlizzCon Episode… There is, however, lots of speculation about Blizzcon announcements, JF and Amy finally get to play the beta together, and they formulate a it of a wishlist for game features.