The Overcast – Episode 25

In this milestone episode, Amy forgets to check her audio settings, JF pimps another book project, and the pair speculate on what surprised in the Overwatch universe Blizzard might have in store.

The Overcast – Episode 24

In this titillating episode, JF and Amy discuss recent events involving the Blizzard launcher, analyze the newly released Lúcio game play video, and JF gets a little feisty about the WoW zombie event.

The Overcast – Episode 21

In this episode, Amy and JF meander through the recent Soldier: 76 Q&A hosted by Reddit. They discuss their favorite and least favorite questions and wander off into a short discussion of the upcoming Pixar movie.

The Overcast – Episode 17

In this week’s episode, JF and Amy discuss the game play videos for Pharah and Winston. Amy dorks out about “leaked” information and continues to promise to update her blog while JF again declares his undying love for robots.