The Overcast – Episode 11

JF and Amy engage in gratuitious acts of sarcasm, JF overuses hockey metaphors, and they discuss Overwatch merch and what that means for the game. Plus, more e-sports chat.

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The Overcast – Episode 10

JF and Amy recap things they’ve learned so far and attempt to put together a timeline of events in the Overwatch world… which proves more difficult than they expected.

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The Overcast – Episode 9

In this  bittersweet farewell to easy content, JF and Amy discuss the last two currently announced characters, Pharah and Reinhardt and JF bravely engages in self promotion.

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The Overcast – Episode 8

In this weeks episode, Amy and JF talk about Jeff Kaplan’s recent interview in PC Gamer. Lots of talk of casual vs. competitive play, the real work that goes into building maps, and JF’s ridiculous metaphors.

Theme music by Peter D Fisher (Thanks, Peter!)

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The Overcast – Episode 6

In this episode, Amy broadcasts live from some sort of cavern, JF becomes an amateur entomologist, Amy gushes endlessly about Widowmaker, and JF picks out sensible Swedish office furniture.